Weed Control in Spokane Isn’t Easy

Anyone who says Weed Control in Spokane is easy obviously hasn’t dealt with a weed problem. There are people who have spent hours digging up weeds only to have them grow back just a week later. A person has to have the right tools to fight weeds. They also have to put forth a lot of effort to get the job done.

What Works?

Some homeowners try a lot of wild ideas to kill weeds. Pouring very hot water on weeds is encouraged by people online. There are also mixtures of baking soda, vinegar, and water used to kill weeds. Dishwashing liquid and water is another mixture that people use on weeds. All of these methods aren’t really effective forms of weed control. Anyone thinking of using a strange method of weed control should contact Spokane Pro Care for advice first.

Pulling Up Weeds By Hand

One effective form of Weed Control in Spokane is to pull up weeds by hand. By getting ahold of a weed and pulling it out completely, the roots of the weed are eliminated. The weed can’t grow back without its roots in place. The problem with this method is that it can take days to complete. It can also take a toll on a person’s body. Another problem is that a person might tire and not pull up some of the weeds by the roots.


There are chemicals that are excellent for destroying weeds. The problem with chemicals is misuse. In the hands of inexperienced people, chemicals that kill weeds are dangerous to the surrounding grass, plants, and flowers. Unfortunately, people tend not to follow the instructions. Some users also think that more is better. If the recommended amount kills weeds, why not use more? The problem is that using more of these types of chemicals will do harm to the beneficial vegetation in the yard.

Homeowners who don’t want weeds around have to get started early. Much like grass, weeds will start to grow as soon as the weather gets warm. Using a company that knows how to eliminate weeds is a property owner’s best bet for effective weed control. Schedule Weed and Feed Control Service Today!!

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