Ways You Can Stay Safe While Working With Needles in California

When you work with patients, it’s likely that you’re going to use needles for some reason at some point in time. While using these sharp objects, there are a few things that you can do to keep yourself and your patients safe.


After administering an injection of any kind, you should avoid recapping the needle. The cap and the needle should be disposed of in the proper container so that it’s not used again. You should also try not to bend the needle as this could result in it getting snagged on fabrics or allowing any medication that’s still inside to drain out.


An important step in needlestick safety is ensuring that your work area is clean and has everything that you need before working with the patient. A container for disposing of the needle should be close by along with gloves that are worn while using the needle. Make sure the needle and other items that are used during the procedure are new and safe to use. If you suspect that they have been tampered with, then they should be thrown away.


Part of needlestick safety is knowing your patient’s background. Treat each patient as though they have a communicable disease by wearing gloves, a mask, goggles, and a gown if possible. These items can help protect your skin and clothes so that you don’t get any fluids on you. Check the patient’s history to determine if there is a risk of any kind of disease that could be transferred, wearing two layers of gloves and other equipment as needed when using needles.

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