Waukesha Pump Distributors Provide Specialty Solutions

In many industries today, a wide range of fluids and viscosities are required. In addition, when you deal with food and beverages, sanitation is an absolute necessity. When fluids are moved, they must be pumped and Waukesha pump distributors are there with specialty solutions. Positive displacement types are some of the most common pumps in the processing business. Here is a look at the positive displacement pump and the important role it plays today.

What is Positive Displacement?

Positive displacement pumps have suction and discharge sides. The suction side expands and brings in fluid, while the discharge side decreases in size. This action pulls liquid through the pumping mechanism. The design keeps the fluid flow constant while it is working.

There is no need to prime a positive displacement pump. They are used to move all kinds of liquid, even fluid with a high viscosity or thickness. If some air enters the system, it can be handled by the pump. This is one reason why waukesha pump distributors sell many pumps to industry each year.

Piston Pumps

Piston pumps have been around for many years. In fact, this was the first type of positive displacement pump used. A piston is used to suck fluid through the inlet side and discharge it through the outlet side. They use suction cycles.


Instead of a piston, the diaphragm pump uses a diaphragm for pumping action. Large pumps can be used to move heavy and viscous sludge.


Rotary pumps are able to create suction from gears meshing together. In fact, the gears carry the liquid through the pump housing. Rotary pumps can move liquid backwards by changing the rotation of the gears. You can find many different pumps for your business through Waukesha pump distributors and they can help you choose the best pumps for the job.

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