Water Heaters for Today’s Homes and Businesses

Just 100 years ago, the unpleasant scent of personal body odor was common. The stench of body odor was just a part of everyday life as it filled the nostrils of passers-by during their everyday travels. Hygiene was not as prevalent nor was it considered a top priority back then. Perhaps an immunity was built up to the smells of the body since no known means of bathing with hot water at home had yet been devised. Even the use of oils and perfumes could not mask what Mother Nature put into place. As history has shown, however, progress was made with the advent of indoor plumbing. The end result of that progress takes society where it is today with its many conveniences that were once considered a luxury.

Public baths were notable in history during the ancient world, and then were revived and thriving during the 1800s. Later, at the turn of the century, families were still boiling their water on the stove top for bathing purposes. It was a lengthy process started on Saturday but a necessary one especially in preparation for church on Sunday. This time-consuming task was multiplied by hours with each additional family member who resided in the home. When a pipe loop attached to the firebox of the stove was routed to a make-shift storage tank, the birth of the first water heater was achieved. The world became a more pleasant place for the olfactory senses from that point on.

Southernplumbinginc.com has been a part of the progress and trends of the modern Water Heaters of today. From today’s modern tankless systems to the alternative of electric or gas units, their expertise will help guide the choices for your home’s or business’ current hot water needs.

The arrival of modern plumbing and hot water in the home brought with it the new-found knowledge that cleanliness worked hand-in-hand with keeping the body healthy. The Water Heaters of today continue the legacy of beneficial health for the modern-day sanitary needs of society. The added perk of pleasant smells now fills the churches and streets. Little did the people know, just a century ago, that their endurance of a stinky era would birth the bouquet of a more savory time for the world to enjoy. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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