Water Heater in Birmingham, Al is the Source for All Water Heating Service and New Tanks

One of the luxuries of modern living brought to us by the plumbing industry is the hot water heater. This device replaces the need for the weekly Saturday night bath where the bath water was heated on the wood burning stove. The hot water heater is an appliance that almost requires no service. Homeowners should have a regular check-up of the heater. It does require some maintenance such as draining the tank at regular intervals to get the built-up sediment off of the tank bottom. If left there, the sediment will shorten the life of the tank.

Since the hot water heater is such a vital part of our lives, it is appropriate to have Water Heater in Birmingham, AL come out to inspect the igniter, the gas lines, or the electrical supply. One important check to make is the operation of the relief valve. If this valve is plugged up and the water heater builds up too much heat, then you may find the tank in the next neighbourhood. The tank can explode if the relief valve is not working when it is needed.

The new design hot water heaters on the market today are surely worth your time to look at. The plumbing industry has designed water heaters that are efficient and save money. The tankless hot water heater is really a modern marvel in the water heating process. This system provides hot water on demand, but it does not heat 50 gallons and store it. The tankless system requires very little room and very little energy. A small tankless water heater can be installed in the bathroom under the sinks for immediate hot water. One can be installed under the kitchen sink.

The best approach for the homeowner is to call Water Heater in Birmingham, AL to visit your home and analyze your hot water requirements. Compare the energy costs of various size tanks and the tankless systems versus the cost to purchase the heater. Consider the cost offset by energy savings over the life of the tank. Many of the new 50 gallon tanks are much more energy efficient than the older models.

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