Watch out for Cowboys

Anyone who has ever watched a show like Watchdog or Rogue Traders will be aware of the reputation that some builders have. It can be a total horror story of ‘cowboy builders’ coming into people’s home and causing complete destruction rather than giving the client a home they can be proud of. It can cost serious money to put these mistakes right and the cost will no doubt fall on the homeowner and they could end up losing their home simply because of bad workmanship. At the very least they could end up having to take out another mortgage to pay for repairs done by a professional builder who can do the job correctly. Either way it is a stressful, painful and costly process and it can certainly destroy ones faith in builders.

How to Tell Whether he’s a Cowboy

There’s no set way to tell if a builder is a cowboy, but there are some signs you can look for that could help you decide whether to hire him or not. Usually cowboy builders are smooth talkers who can pretty much convince you of anything. They might be able to convince you that they have testimonials from previous clients, they can show you photographs of previous work, they might even have a builders credential or license, but before you do anything, check out those credentials. Make sure you talk to the chamber of commerce or the National builders association and check out their insurance, their license, and any other paperwork that the builder should legally carry as proof of their professionalism. If anything goes wrong with your building work, your only recourse will be to follow up with those two organizations that can help you.

Getting a little knowledge about building can also help you tell whether a person is giving you a load of spiel about what work you need or whether they are actually steering you in the right direction. Also, don’t just take on the first builder who walks in and gives you a cheap quote. Have at least three estimates done so that you can compare the prices. Finding professional builders in Maidstone can help you find a builder who knows the locale and can offer you a good price for the work.

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