Was Your Home Involved in the Recent Flood Damage in NYC?

Who knows for sure what they’re living with? Everything from asbestos, toxic mold, household paints containing lead, and much more could be in your home. If you’ve been involved in a flood, not only do you have the previous poisons to deal with, you have more. Anything could have gotten into the flood waters. Petroleum, sewer water, toxic run-off from factories and from many other sources. You don’t have to be at the mercy of the elements if you call on Maspeth Environmental Corp to clean and sanitize everything.

With the recent Flood Damage NYC and New Jersey residents have had to go through, it’s no wonder making a phone call to restoration, remediation and abatement companies has become such a necessity. Entire buildings that were built when asbestos was a mineral loved by most companies and treated like it was a wonder mineral was used have had to be torn down. A cancer, called mesothelioma is caused mainly from breathing asbestos fibers. Older homes were painted with lead based paint. Toxic mold settles into homes within a day or two of being flooded.

Usually a home with asbestos in it is better left alone with the asbestos undisturbed, but, when it’s time to tear it down or make renovations and improvements, call in the company that offers the most protection, wears the proper clothing and masks and gets you out of the way till it’s over and cleaned up. Dealing with mold is difficult, in that it can come right back after it’s cleaned up, if proper measures to keep it from coming back are not taken. Drying the home, making certain there is proper ventilation, the dampness is gone, dehumidifiers are in use and attic fans have been installed will help. The company that’s drying out homes filled with water from the Flood Damage NYC residents have recently gone through knows exactly how to get rid of toxic mold in your home.

Forty percent of the homes in the United States contain lead based paint. Unless you’ve had your home built since 1977, you have lead based paint inside your home or garage. It will be very wise on your part to call a company that uses the most advanced equipment and procedures to rid homes of any toxins invading your home.


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