Want to Be Certain That Your Chinese Immigrants Are Who They Claim to Be?

It is not uncommon to hire workers outside of your own country to enter this country to work for you. In fact, people with very unique skills may have to come from another country to work for you because there aren’t enough people with the same skills here. If you find that you need to hire “outside talent” from China, for example, then you want to be absolutely certain that they are who they say they are. To do that, you will need Document attestation for China immigrants who will work for you.

Attestation Is an Official Oath on Paper to One’s Identity

While nothing legal is ever foolproof, you can have some peace of mind knowing that attestation will verify and confirm the identities claimed by your Chinese employees. The documents are signed and verified by attestors in this country. Any falsification or fraud results in immediate deportation of your employees. It keeps everyone legally safe.

Criminal Charges Can Be Brought If Immigrants Are Not Who They Claim to Be

It is rare for hired and imported help to be anyone other than who they say they are. However, it does happen. You should know that by using document attestation for China

workers you can secure your position as someone who didn’t know that you were being defrauded. Any fraudsters will be brought up on charges and deported.

Ready to Authenticate?

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