Wafer Knife Gate Valve in Florida-How Does it Work?

Heavy liquids often tend to clog in the pipelines, or near the valves and joints. To unclog the pipelines, a wafer knife gate valve is generally installed in place. The applications for which the knife gate valve is used are relatively niche in nature: it is designed to be used is some of the most corrosive and abrasive environments in the industrial scape. However, their origins were quite different: they were made mainly for use in the paper and pulp industry. The stringy pulp would often get stuck near the valve, thus making it difficult to shut off the flow. A knife gate valve with a sharp edge would be installed in place to cut through the seal and the pulp, allowing freedom of movement.

The Mechanism

The mechanism used in the knife gate valve is highly effective. The valve has seals all around it, which allows the thick liquids to glide over the softer surface and seals. But, if the liquid is thick and viscous and gets stuck around the seals, the knife gate will fall into place, removing the deposits. However, the wafer knife gate valve in Florida needs to be replaced from time to time, especially if the dry mass has gotten deposited around the seals.

Buying New Valves

Because of the niche nature of the component, you won’t find it easily elsewhere. Instead, you will have to contact a company that specializes in selling engineering products to buy the components that you require. There are several companies where you can buy a wafer knife gate valve. One of the best companies that sells a wide range of components is Reliant Engineering Products. You can get in touch with the company at 904-374-1768 for more information. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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