Vital Reasons to Retain an Experienced Trademark Attorney in Chicago

When you invent a new product, you want to protect it from threats like theft and unauthorized duplication. You want to remain the only person who can profit from or lay claim to it.

However, if you fail to protect your product legally, you leave it open to such risks. You can lay rightful claim to it and prevent anyone else from stealing it when you hire representation like an experienced trademark attorney in Chicago.

Preventing Theft

If you fail to trademark your product, you could risk anyone else laying claim to it and saying they were the ones who created your invention. These people could even turn the legal tables on you and sue you for trying to profit or attach your name to it.

To prevent such a risk from taking place, you can hire a lawyer who can file the legal paperwork for you. This paperwork can finalize your rightful ownership of the product and prevent anyone else from saying they created it first.

Profiting from the Invention

Your lawyer can also ensure no one else can profit from the sale of your product. You will be the only person to receive payments from it, unless you authorize someone else. Your lawyer can also make exemptions for people you stipulate in the paperwork and legal filings.

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