Visiting a Clinic in Kihei for Tendinitis

Tendinitis is that burning sensation that occurs most often in your elbow, wrist, knee, shoulder or heel. It is particularly common in amateur or professional sports. But even if you spend your days sitting in front of a computer screen, tendinitis can still rear its ugly head! If you are experiencing pain in the above areas, seek out the assistance of your local Clinic in Kihei.

A third of athletes suffer from tendinitis, but everyone can be introduced to this very painful inconvenience. Intense workouts, warm weather, and repeated or inappropriate gestures are the main causes of tendon inflammation. A tendon is a sort of fastener that connects muscle to bone joints. All tendons are composed of very high fibers, which allows them to permit bones movements induced by the contraction of muscles. There are two types of tendons: Tendons without sheaths, like the biceps, and those surrounded by a sheath: a synovial sheath are like fingers. This sheath secretes a fluid that lubricates the joint and promotes movement.

Tendinitis can start at the tendon and works towards the bone. If it starts at a sheath, one speaks more tenosynovitis. In both cases, the cause is often overusing the tendon during repeated movements. Example: excessive text messages. The thumb is stretched, the tendon fibers that use a sheath suffers damage, thus swelling. The fluid that lubricates the joint becomes a place of concern for most physicians. The tendon slides more easily in its sheath, which causes painful chafing. This type of tendonitis also affects people working long hours on a keyboard and seamstresses and laundresses. Other locations are also common: the shoulder (at the rotator cuff, biceps), the elbow, the wrist, knee and ankle. These are often caused by tendon strains that weaken even the fittest of muscles.

Surgery at the Wailea Medical Center is the last resort to treat tendonitis and it can be very disabling and means you are resistant to all other treatments. One technique is to reduce the pressure on the tendon. This procedure takes a few minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis. Your local Clinic in Kihei can speak with you more about the causes, symptoms and treatment of this disabling issue.

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