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Sandblasting is a method of removing old paint, rust, stains, mildew and other substances to prepare a surface for restoration and new finishing. The process can use a wide variety of abrasive materials other than sand. Visit Website to learn more about one particular contractor that offers this service.

In fact, pressure washing technically can be thought of as sandblasting, since it can remove many unwanted substances from a building or other structure. However, when a professional contractor offers sandblasting service, it typically involves a hard, gritty abrasive. Some examples include tiny glass and acrylic beads, ground walnut shells and steel grit. Another kind of material used by a company like Southern Painting and Maintenance Specialists Inc. is granulated sodium bicarbonate. When this product is applied to a surface, the process is known as soda blasting. It has the advantage of being a gentler strategy and thus can be used on surfaces that could be damaged with harder blasting components. Wood is a primary example.

Most people have at least one small box of sodium bicarbonate in their homes. For general consumer use, the product is known as baking soda. The consistency of this product is much finer than that used in soda blasting. Its deodorizing properties give it an extra advantage for maintenance companies, since it is effective for removing odors as well as stains, light surface rust and old paint. That makes it ideal for clearing up smoke discoloration and odors. The product also is more environmentally friendly than many of the other abrasives, so the work can be performed out in the open instead of in a confined booth.

One reason granulated sodium bicarbonate is gentler than other abrasive materials is its characteristic of shattering when it hits the material. That means it won’t damage wood or soft metals like aluminum sheet metal. It can be used in the restoration preparation process for wood boats, aluminum siding and similar surfaces. The main problem with that relatively gentle quality is its inability to remove some of the most stubborn, ingrained substances. It’s not effective for extensive rust removal, for instance. Visit Website for details on this company and to find contact information.

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