Virtual Shareholder Meeting: Things to Consider

In the last few years, holding virtual shareholder meetings has become more popular. This means instead of going to a brick and mortar building to hold their meeting, they instead kick back in the office or sometimes in their own homes and do everything online. If you are considering this route for your next meeting, there are a few things you should consider first.

What Exactly Is a Virtual Shareholder Meeting?

The first thing you want to consider is exactly what this type of meeting is. After all, you don’t want to hold something this important online without knowing everything about it. These are usually held in one of two formats. The first format is a virtual only meeting, which means it’s held strictly online with no traditional meeting at all. The second option is the hybrid version, which is held at a brick and mortar building but has the option for online participants who can’t attend the meeting to be there virtually. The choice of which is best for your meeting is completely up to the shareholders, but make sure they are all on the same page about it.

Consider What Is Best for Your Company

Remember, just because everyone else is doing it and it works for them doesn’t mean it will work for your company. Do your research, talk to your shareholders and decide if this is the right step for you, your company and the people who are investing in it. The last thing you want is dissension over where or how your shareholder meeting is held.

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