Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation: No Longer Simply Practical

Vinyl has always been viewed as a practical floor covering. Whether in a kitchen or basement, it has provided the basics – particularly in high-traffic areas. However, with the advent of technological advancements, a tile flooring installation in Clermont FL is no longer the “poorer” cousin of wood.


In Clermont FL, a tile flooring installation has risen in popularity. This is the result of improvements in vinyl flooring technology over the years. Today, vinyl tile still possesses many practical or utilitarian qualities. It is

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Inexpensive when compared to other flooring materials
  • Suitable not only to install inside but also outside – with few exceptions e. g. extreme weather conditions

However, vinyl tile flooring is not simply practical. It has other appealing qualities. The vinyl tiles of today are available in diverse patterns, colors and shades. It most certainly is not the same flooring found in your grandmother’s kitchen. It is often referred to as luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) for good reasons. LVP can be designed and cut to mimic the look of hardwood, stone or tile. It also feels more comfortable to the touch.

Choosing a Tile Flooring

In Clermont FL , tile flooring installation is increasingly becoming a means of embracing practicality while not abandoning design or stylistic preferences. By using new techniques and raising the aesthetic bar, vinyl tile flooring has become fashionable. It is no longer the plain and basic floor covering of yesterday.