Various 3M Adhesive Tape Products – Benefits and Applications

3M adhesive tape services as a convenient and powerful bonding tool for a wide variety of applications. Each type of bonding type has its own capabilities and strengths. Not every adhesive tape can perform the same tasks. This is why you will find a wide variety of these 3M tape products – each designed for specific purposes.

Below are some examples of 3M adhesive tape options and their various characteristics, applications and benefits.

3M 4677MP
As an industry standard adhesive transfer tape, 3M 467MP is made with a pre-application of pressure sensitive adhesive onto a release liner. Application is simple, with the tape pressed onto the surface with the adhesive side down. The liner is then removed.

Below are some benefits and applications of the 3M 4677MP products:

* Resists the effects various splashing of solutions and chemicals, including cleaning solutions, organic solvents, oils, disinfectants, salt water and weak acids and bases.
* Performs well in hot/cold cycle conditions
* Performs well in humid conditions
* Superior performance exposed to high temperatures

* The bonding of plates for industrial, medical, electronics, aerospace, appliance and automotive equipment and devices
* High speed parts processing for the telecommunications, medical and electronics sectors

3M XG2105 X-Series General Purpose Transfer Tape
For a general purpose solution, the 3M XG2105 adhesive tape product fits the bill. It is an excellent solution for the bonding of paper and other sensitive applications, including clay and newsprint. It also offer solid resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It comes in a 2 mil (0.05 mm) thickness with a 3 mil (0.08 mm) Kraft liner.

Benefits of the product include its ability to provide stable adhesion and the balance of holding power and initial adhesion it offers.

3M 463 Adhesive Transfer Tape
This specialized 3M adhesive tape is perfect for bonding both similar and different types of materials together, such as paints, wood, papers, many plastics and glass. Applying in a firm manner is important to achieving ideal contact and desired bond strength. The bond strength also corresponds to the quantity of adhesive applied to the contact surface.

The 3M 463 adhesive transfer tape is 2 mil (0.05 mm) thick with a 4 mil (0.10 mm) 60# unbleached densified kraft liner.

This product is specifically designed for use with 3M automatic tape dispensing equipment. It is useful for various applications, including attaching plastic or metal nameplates, splicing of films, foils and fabrics, mounting of posters and promotional items, high speed flying splices on most grades of paper and laminating adhesives for photos and foams.

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