Variety of Wood Mulches in Milwaukee WI

Bulk materials for landscaping, including wood mulches in Milwaukee WI, come in a variety of colors and styles. Many choices means you can create the yard, garden or business entrance of your dreams. Decorative stone, construction stone, soil and mulches can all be purchased in bulk to save you money while you cover an area. Soil, for example, is available in 5 different kinds including brown fill soil, garden mix and blended compost. Soil type, texture and succession are things to consider when deciding what kind of soil to put down for your garden or lawn. Construction stone comes in 10 varieties with different textures and sizes from which to choose. Decorative stone is offered in over 20 options. The up front cost of stone is higher than other materials, but stone is permanent so you will not incur any replacement costs. Visit the Website and take a look at all the options.

Eight different wood mulches in Milwaukee WI are available, each with its own benefit. If you are looking to add color to your landscape, red, brown or gold enviro-mulch would be the best choice. Food grade dyes make this mulch safe for children and pets. A pine mulch or shredded hardwood will lock moisture into lawns and gardens while giving you a more natural look. White cedar has a deep tone and a great scent that will accent your yard nicely. Hemlock is also available, as are playground and safety chips. One yard of mulch covers 100 square feet of space at the recommended depth of 3 inches. It usually has to be replenished or replaced after two years time.

Landscaping, garden design and lawn care services are also available. Many types of in-ground pools are sold and installed and snow removal is available in the winter. A certified construction team will design and install playgrounds at parks, schools, daycare and residential properties. Consultations are free and you have many surfaces available to you. Rubber mulch, wood chips, artificial turf and poured-in-place surfaces are a few examples. Equipment is chosen and layouts are developed with a focus on safety for any sized play area.

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