VA Special Monthly Compensation for Qualified Disabled Veterans

The Veterans Administration provides Special Military Compensation (SMC) to disabled service members who were injured in active duty. The payment is received in addition to your regular monthly disability payments. If you are a service member who has suffered a loss of limb or specific organs in active duty, then you are eligible to apply for this special compensation.

Qualifying disabilities for Va Special Monthly Compensation consideration include loss or loss of use of extremities, paralysis or joint immobility, full or partial loss of sight or hearing, loss or loss of use of reproductive organs or buttocks, loss or partial loss of speech, partial loss of breast tissue, mastectomy or required radiation. As a disabled service member, you may be entitled to higher SMC payments if you suffered a combination of qualifying disabilities such as a loss of both hands or hand and a foot or hand and partial loss of sight. If you lost any combination, then you may be eligible for a higher SMC. Service members with loss of bladder or bowel control, are bed-ridden, or homebound also are eligible for higher SMC. The VA will make the determination of the amount of Va Special Monthly Compensation you qualify for based on the extent of your injury and loss of use.

The Veteran Administration looks at your medical records to make SMC determinations. Disability determination is factored in percentages. The percentage of your disability will determine your benefit payment. Your disability can be defined to be of varying amounts such as but not limited to 30%, 60%, or it can be 100% total disability. The SMC amount will increase your determination and can be more than 100% disability, and you will still receive the full benefit you’re entitled to receive. To obtain additional information on Special Military Compensation eligibility and determination, contact the Veterans Administration. A specialist will discuss your eligibility and help you get the benefits that you earned in service to your country.

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