UV curable coatings provide protection

A UV curable coating is one which reacts to ultraviolet light to create polymer bonds which provide protection for the substrate. These materials allow companies to increase the volume and decrease the time of production by allowing for the application of protective coatings which cure and dry in a matter of seconds; not minutes or hours and there is no need for heat or toxic compounds. A UV curable coating is different than a UV coating which is designed to provide protection from ultraviolet light.

The actual coating can be applied to the part by spraying, dipping or brushed on. Once the piece has been coated it is subjected to ultraviolet light to cure. During the curing process a reaction takes place which converts the coating into a very hard polymer which can resists scratches, nicks and is weather tight which is ideal if the application includes exposure to water. There are many formulations that can provide protection from corrosion, etc.

When a UV Curable Coating is used to provide weather protection it is also often decorative. This process can be used to apply a design to a product or the coating can be clear which enhances the underlying decorative finish making it more vivid, brighter and more intense. When this is done for decorative purposes as well as to provide protection from the weather it often means that plates or templates are used to give the desired effect.

UV curable coatings do not require exposure to heat or toxic chemicals, this often is not the case with alternative methods of providing a protective coating. If there is any concern whatsoever over the environment and the damage that toxic chemicals can bring then many companies turn to UV curing. This is also true if the company wants to speed up the curing process which in turn speeds up the supply chain. When the product is subjected to a rapid curing process the result is less time for processing and increased productivity.

In many cases a company will work with specialist companies to create the coatings that they wish to use. These companies provide in-depth technical support for the user. In most cases the formulations that are created by an outside contractor are consider proprietary as a way to protect the company’s investment.

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