Using Wipes in a Gym Facility

Let’s face it; gyms and gym equipment can really take a beating. From dirty basketball shoes to balls that pick up all manner of grime off the floor, it’s safe to say that gyms are not the cleanest places in the world.

You’ve probably even heard the statistics about the amount of pathogens in fitness facilities; way more than what you’d find on the average toilet.

A study published by “Men’s Fitness” found about 132 million bacteria in a small area of a fitness facility, while the same-size area of a toilet seat only yielded about 500 bacteria! The frequent exchange of body fluids, including sweat, is thought to be the cause. It’s for that reason we recommend using gym equipment wipes on a regular basis.

Fit Wipes are designed to kill the bacteria and viruses that can lurk around your gym facility. They’re large enough to wipe down a ball in seconds, and they’re absorbent enough to soak up sweat or other body fluids quickly.

Here are a few ways you can use Fit Wipes in your facility.

Fit Wipes for Basketballs, Volleyballs and Playground Balls

The balls in your gym go from sweaty hands, back to the floor and then into another pair of sweaty hands. With that frequent exchange, the balls are bound to harbor harmful pathogens if they’re not cleaned often. Use our large, 8-inch by 6-inch wipes to quickly wipe down your collection of sports balls at the end of the day. Our wipes are designed to be safe for all non-porous surfaces.

Fit Wipes for Exercise Mats

Whether you use your gym for yoga classes, boot camp or other classes involving mats, chances are those mats will get dirty quickly from spending so much time on the floor. Use gym equipment sanitizing wipes on a regular basis will remove the dirt and debris that clients can actually see, as well as the viruses and bacteria they can’t see. Our wipes are lab tested to remove about 99 percent of bacteria within about 15 seconds. That means you won’t have to spend a lot of time on this important safety measure.

Wipes for High Traffic Areas

Other surfaces in your gym can also benefit from a regular wipe down. Use the wipes on doorways, bleachers, desks and other surfaces that people use often.

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