Using Tile To Upgrade To A New Look

When most people think of tile in Brooklyn, NY they think of flooring, perhaps marble or natural stone or maybe even cement tiles. Flooring is most certainly a great idea to use tile in a home, apartment, condo or in a commercial building, but it is not the only place. In new styles and designs tile has come into its own as a material that is found in literally any room in the home. It is perfect for a variety of different uses in bathrooms and kitchens as well as flooring throughout.

Countertops and Backsplashes

With a range of different types of tile in Brooklyn, NY from glass to stone and porcelain to ceramic and natural stone, you really can create just the look that you want. With countertops and backsplashes you can combine different types of tile solid piece Cambria, granite or stone countertops for an amazingly modern or completely traditional, look. Contrasting or monochromatic color schemes between the two different surfaces will definitely draw the eye and give you a kitchen or bathroom that will stay beautiful over a lifetime of use.


One of the most unique looks and one that can make even a smaller bathroom look large and roomy is the combination of glass and tile. Shower stall floor that are done with natural stone tiles, including natural pebble mosaic tiles, give you the feeling of being at the beach. These smooth, irregular sized pebble tiles provide that ultra-relaxing touch when combined with glass doors and walls for a light, airy open feel.


Smaller kitchens and bathrooms as well as any other room can be made to appear larger by choosing specific types of patterned tile. Brooklyn, NY homes with small rooms may benefit from horizontal lines in tiles that seem to stretch the space as the eye travels across the tile. These patterned tiles can be strategically used in combination with solid tiles for an amazingly refined or fun and whimsical type of style.

If you are considering a renovation or upgrade, consider choosing tile instead of the alternatives for more than just your flooring. For top quality tile in Brooklyn, NY use a local business with experience and you will be amazed at what suggestions they can provide to create just the look you want.

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