Using Misting For Indoor Or Outdoor Odor Control Systems

In any type of systems that is designed for the breakdown of organic materials, there will be chemicals produced in this process that cause odors. Some of these chemicals produced may even be deadly. This can also be an issue in chemical plants, industrial processing facilities and in any type of refinery or mill.

There are various types of odor control systems on the market today. Some are affordable to install, use and operate while others may be much costlier. Deciding what is needed is going to be a factor of the space, the specific chemicals present during the decomposition or breakdown of the organic material as well as the budget.

Misting Systems

There are several benefits to using misting rather than traditional air injection for effective, efficient and lower cost odor control systems.

These systems can be custom designed for the specific facility. The density of nozzles and the configuration of the system will be unique to the location, the volume of chemicals present and the size of the area. With this custom design, it is possible to concentrate the volume of mist in specific areas where necessary, pinpointing the source of the odors effectively and efficiently.

The Basics

These odor control systems use a pump, tubing and specially designed nozzles that deliver a very fine mist of water combined with the required odor removing chemicals. As the mist is provided on a continual basis throughout the area or the facility, the offensive smells are blocked or neutralized where they are produced.

The misting system will operate very inexpensively. Once the tubing and nozzles are installed, and they can be positioned at any height or position required, the system can be allowed to run continually for just the cost of operating the pump and adding the neutralizers and odor blockers.

In addition to addressing the issue of odor, the mist will also be highly effective at reducing dust in the air. The dust and the extremely small water droplets will simply precipitate out of air without the need to continually soak down the area or use expensive air filtration systems that need continual maintenance.

Before choosing any type of odor suppression or control system, consider the benefits of a misting system. They are lower cost for initial purchase, very easy to install and they are highly energy and cost-efficient to run on a continual basis.

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