Using Animal Control in Columbus OH When Dealing With A Bat Problem

When someone notices they have bats flying into a crack that leads to their attic, they will most likely want to take fast action in removing them from this area. Bats are known to harbor disease and bacteria, making it necessary to keep away from them as they can pose health risks to humans. Calling a company that does Animal Control in Columbus OH ensures the bats are relocated without becoming hurt in the process. Here are some steps the homeowner can do to keep bats from returning once they have been moved.

Provide An Alternate Area For Housing

A bat house can be placed in the yard to entice bats to take up residence. These wooden boxes can be hung from nearby trees, so bats have a safe area to roost. An animal control service would be able to provide the homeowner with locations where these boxes can be purchased. Make sure homes are in shady areas as bats enjoy sleeping during daytime hours. It is also best to place them in a spot where people do not frequent.

Seal Entryways During Nighttime Hours

It is a good idea to find the areas bats were using to get into the home. Any cracks present will eventually need to be sealed to ensure new bats do not take up residence in the home. In the interim, consider placing pieces of mesh wire over the cracks after it gets dark outdoors. This will keep bats from returning to the attic when daylight breaks. They will most likely take up residence in a bat house if one is provided. Take the mesh off the cracks during daytime hours and repeat the process. This will allow bats to get out of the home when it gets dark outdoors.

If someone wishes to have a service come to a home to help with Animal Control in Columbus, it is important to call one that will work on the problem promptly. Visit to find out more about a professional animal control service. A call can then be made to set up an appointment to have bats removed effectively.

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