Using a Variety of Ongoing Strategies for an Effective Mosquito Control Program in Arlington, VA

An effective Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA concentrates on actions people can take around the home that deters these pesky insects from hanging around. Mosquitoes cannot be eradicated from a home and lawn the way that some bugs can. Infestations of termites and wasps can be eliminated, for instance, because they build nests and colonies in and around the building. However, mosquitoes continue flying in from areas all around the property.

Small Area Control

Mosquitoes can ruin the time a family tries to spend outdoors. Nobody wants to deal with the little bugs that land on bare skin and try to drink blood. If everyone is congregated in the same place, such as a patio table for dinner, a citronella candle or coil can help a great deal. So can a burning fire in a fire pit, since the bugs don’t like the smoke. Setting up a floor fan to create a breeze also will annoy the little critters.

Eliminating Stagnant Water

Other ongoing strategies are part of an effective Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA. Dumping standing water every day prevents the bugs from laying eggs in the stagnant liquid. Water in birdbaths should be kept fresh, and rainwater should be poured out of containers. Rain barrels should be covered.

Getting rid of old junk that traps rainwater also is important for a Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA. The residents should at least pack it away in a garage or shed. Old tires are a common culprit in creating a favorable habitat for mosquitoes. Children’s toys, like sandbox buckets that aren’t being played with regularly, also catch rainwater.

Professional Assistance

A household that continues to have trouble with mosquitoes after implementing these techniques can call for assistance from a company such as Pest Management Services in Arlington VA. Indiscriminate spraying is usually discouraged because it kills so many other bugs and is toxic to birds, but the technicians can point out other problems in the immediate environment that attract mosquitoes.

These pest control workers commonly find hidden spots where mosquitoes congregate, breed, and lay their eggs. Technicians also can make suggestions for garden plants that act as natural mosquito repellents. Browse website for more information.

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