Using A Green Card Attorney In Nashville TN To Prepare For Your Interview

Understanding what makes a green card interview a success will increase your odds of lawfully gaining permanent residence in this country. Before the interview, it’s vital that you go over every detail in your application. There are cases where simple mistakes have lead to an application being denied. It doesn’t matter if you prepared the application yourself or had your lawyer do it for you. Fact checks the application just in case.

Although a Green Card Attorney Nashville TN can help you prepare, the attorney goes by the information that you provide. How is the attorney to know if anything has changed unless you tell them? That’s why it’s important to let your attorney know of any changes that go on in your life prior to the interview. For example, if you lost your job and are finding it hard to get work, be truthful with your attorney about your job status. Your attorney may offer sound advice as to what to say when asked about your employment status during the interview. Feeling tempted to lie to the interviewer about a bad situation is understandable. You may feel it increases your chances of success. But you don’t want to lie, just be ready with a valid explanation about anything bad in your application.

Your Green Card Attorney Nashville TN may offer all kinds of advice. Your attorney may advise you not to volunteer any information that can be deemed negative. Understand that the interviewer is not your friend. They may act friendly with you, but they may just be trying to get you to feel comfortable, so you talk more freely. Don’t talk too much during the interview. Smile and be polite, but only answer the questions asked. If you are going for a marriage based interview, be aware that these interviews are tougher than regular interviews. They want to make sure that the marriage is indeed valid and isn’t a marriage just to get a green card.

Dawn A. Garcia Attorney At Law assists people who choose her to represent them as their Green Card Attorney Nashville TN. She can help you with your paperwork and the interview process. Visit the website for more details.


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