Uses of Botox St. Charles IL for Dentistry Procedures

The statement that Botox St. Charles IL is a popular treatment for wrinkles and other skin issues is a huge understatement. This treatment has been used for over 21 years to help men and women achieve a more youthful appearance by smoothing out lines and facial wrinkles. When used in addition to dental procedures, patients can achieve a more youthful appearance.

Currently seven to eight percent of dentists are using Botox in their practices, including Business Name, and more uses for Botox are being discovered to enhance dental techniques. The fact is that many dentists are still not aware of the benefits that Botox offers for dental procedures. One example is Botox being used as an adjunct in bruxism and TMJ cases, especially for patients experiencing facial and temproomandibular joint pain.

Botox acts as a muscle relaxer and when given in about half of the usual dosage for typical facial wrinkles, it can reduce the intensity of the contractions of the muscles that contribute to the facial and TMJ pain, providing a significant amount of relief for the patient. While there are many patients that have undergone complete mouth reconstructions and still unable to find pain relief, Botox offers an option that offers the results that have been lacking for so long.

Botox St. Charles IL can also be used with the dermal filler therapy for a non-surgical option to cases of high lip lines. The treatment that dentists using Botox use would be a type of periodontal flap surgery. Once the surgery was complete, the dentist could use crown and bridge therapies to create appealing dental esthetics.

The use of Botox with other dental procedures is an essential element for esthetic dentistry. The soft tissues that reside around a patient’s mouth are extremely important, just as the actual position and color of a patient’s teeth. Many dentists have embraced the use of Botox treatments to enhance their work and ensure optimum esthetic appeal and looks for each patient. Due to the popularity of these procedures more and more dentists are beginning to offer Botox therapy as a complimentary procedure to traditional dental procedures.

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