Used RV Buying tips

Getting a used RV is a great way to get a rig without spending tons of cash on a new vehicle. Similar to how you would pick a used car, there are several things you must factor in before buying a used RV. If you aren’t vigilant, you could end up making a less than stellar buy. Unlike used cars, however, RVs are more complex, so it pays to know what to look for. Here are two helpful RV buying tips.

  1. Look for signs of mold

Nothing damages an RV faster than water where it’s not wanted. Once water or moisture gets into places it’s not supposed to be, it can cause a lot of damage that isn’t always apparent at first. For instance, the floor and ceiling of your new RV will start molding and rot. If you don’t know how to spot this kind of damage, you can easily fall prey to shady dealers looking to make a quick buck. When looking for used RVs for sale in Greensboro NC, a good indicator of water leaks or other water problems is mold. So as you inspect the RV check the corners of the ceiling and floor for signs of mold. Look up the walls, check every inch of the bathroom and around the fixtures for mold. You can smell mold, so if the cabinets smell moldy or are warmer than the rest of the RV, chances are there’s mold.

  1. Inspect every inch of the roof and ceiling

The first layer of protection between you and the elements is the roof and ceiling. Make sure to inspect them thoroughly. Look for signs of browning as this is a visible sign of leaks. Check caulking to ensure everything is sealed tightly, especially around the vent and the skylight. Blackened, moldy, crumbling, or old caulk is a sign that water is getting in. Even though you can repair these problems, doing so might expose even more problems that will cost more to repair. It is best to do is to avoid such RVs.

While there are many more things you should factor in before purchasing a used RV, the most important thing is not getting something that will end up costing you a lot more in repairs. Used doesn’t have to mean damaged.

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