Used Japanese Engines versus North American Engines

There is much talk about the used Japanese engines many people are opting to install in their cars as opposed to new or used North American engines. Here are the main differences that set them apart accounting for the desire to choose them over North American engines.

Overall Usage
In the U.S. we drive our cars everywhere. We make the commute to and from work every day, make quick runs to the corner store or mall and use our cars for family vacations and business trips. This places a lot of wear and tear on the overall car and all of its parts. In Japan, the average person uses public transportation to and from work. As well, they work longer hours and therefore do not use their cars in the evenings. The majority of the cars in Japan are driven only on weekends and in fact the average car in Japan has an annual mileage of 4,500 compared to North America at over 14,000.

The average cost of car registration in the U.S. is about $100. In Japan the average cost is $1,200. This is a very high price tag for something that is of little benefit to the driver. Because of this price most Japanese car owners opt to buy a new car over driving the same car and having to pay the cost of registration each year. It actually can cost as much as 30 percent of the original purchase price of the car. This means the lightly used parts of their old cars become available on the market as Japanese Domestic Models/Motors.

New Models versus JDM
When you look at the average cost of a new model engine you can save several thousand dollars versus Japanese engines. Japanese engines are used, however they are usually rebuilt motors with very little mileage on them. This means they are as close to new as possible.

In order to purchase low mileage Japanese used engines, a search will be done. Some people worry this may take some time. However in most cases an engine in the year and model you require can be tracked down within one business day and delivered over night. This may seem inconvenient but when you look at the cost savings Japanese engines still appear more desirable.

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