Use Professional Services To Perform Your VHS To DVD Conversion

Videophiles opt to use VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA to archive their video library for a variety of reasons. A common reason is that it is much easier to manage the smaller DVD cases than it is to store and organize the larger VHS cases, which are over three times wider. Many owners are surprised at how quickly their video libraries grow, and in turn how quickly the space for storing their videos runs out. Some video owners have an entire walk-in closet dedicated to their video storage (think Imelda Marcos and shoes)! Others have their videos inconveniently spread out over several rooms. Most video owners find that consolidating their video libraries in a VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA solves their storage problems very quickly.

There are several ways a video owner can use to perform his VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA. One of the most straightforward ways is to use a combination of a VHS player and a DVD recorder. The devices are connected in series, the output of the VHS player to the video input of the DVD recorder, and the output of the DVD recorder to the television. Then the movies are played and recorded one by one while being monitored on the television. This is a straightforward albeit tedious method for performing the VHS to DVD conversion.

In a similar way, a homeowner’s media-enabled personal computer is often capable of performing some of the functions in the recording chain. The VHS player can input to the computer, and recording software manages the conversion and the burning of a DVD on a small DVD writer. This also works well and is relatively straightforward, but suffers the same tedium as the previous example.

Manufacturers also make a VHS/DVD combo, which can perform the conversion on its own. This is a handy solution, but problematic in that the VHS portion of the unit is much less reliable, and if it breaks, requires the expense of replacing the entire unit.

Video lovers are finding a superior solution by letting professionals perform the VHS to DVD conversion in Malden MA. They leave their entire video library with the conversion house, and get back their library with a set of DVDs some weeks later. Besides reliving the video owner of the duty of copying many videos, the professional equipment will generally perform the highest quality transfer. The machines will be clean, well-maintained, and higher quality than most home equipment.

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