Use Experienced Plumbers in Colorado Springs, CO to Keep Your Water Flowing Freely

Household plumbing is a mystery to most homeowners, but the complex warren of pipes, faucets and fixtures is easier to understand than many people think. The plumbing begins with the fresh water main that delivers the supply from the municipal connection or local well. This pipe runs to the water heater, where it splits to supply the hot water side of the system. From there, both lines are run through the home to various bathrooms, washrooms, and kitchen outlets. For a really large home, this could mean a lot of pipes hidden in the walls. The downside to this is the possibility of a leak that can’t be seen.

Thankfully, Plumbers in Colorado Springs CO, have the tools to locate hidden leaks in your home. This is done with the aid of acoustics. That is, the plumbers will listen for sound variances in the walls to determine if a leak exists and where it can be found. The use of acoustical detection can save a lot of headaches when it comes time to fix the leak because the plumber won’t have to perform much demolition to access the broken pipe.

Of course, leaking pipes aren’t the only concern. Clogged drain lines can cause a lot of problems besides the expense of repairs. A clogged pipe could result in sewage overflows that stain the walls and floors. Some indicators of clogging drains are slow draining sinks, tubs or toilets. If the problem is local to one sink or tub, then the clog may be in the pipe trap beneath the drain. However, if all the fixtures have problems draining, then the clog is probably in the main sewer line.

Plumbers in Colorado Springs CO, can quickly repair a sewer line clog by accessing the pipe from a vent or by removing a toilet. Once they have gained entrance, they can use a rooter tool, sometimes known as a pipe snake, to pierce the clog. This is usually enough to allow the sewage to flow freely. In really severe cases, the plumber may suggest that the sewer lines are cleaned with a high-pressure wash. This method of cleaning scours the pipe walls so the drains can flow freely. Click Here to learn more about plumbing services.

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