Use Access Control in St. Louis, MO to Provide Corporate Security

Corporate security has become a very important issue for many reasons. Companies have always had to protect their product designs and intellectual property. However, today they have to also take steps to protect the confidentiality of their employees and customers. Psychologists and other medical professionals have to worry about protecting patient medical records. These could provide valuable information in matters such as spouses seeking a divorce and custody of their children. Not all areas of a business contain information that needs to be protected. Therefore they use an Access Control in St. Louis, MO device to protect specific areas.

Many businesses used keys in the past to limit access to confidential areas. However as employees left, the locks and keys needed to be changed. A Locksmith in St. Louis, MO can install keyless acess system. The locked door doesn’t open unless the person knows the correct code to punch in. Different doors can have different codes, so access is easily limited. This also reduces the problem of lost keys. Some companies put a magnetic strip on an employees identification badge. Instead of punching in a number, the employee swipes their card in the access control box. Managers can determine which areas employees have access to through a computer program. However if the badge is lost or stolen, it could compromise security.

Access Control in St. Louis, MO devices that are linked to a badge also create a record of who accessed an area at what time. It makes it very easy to determine who was in a room, right before information or inventory went missing. Security professionals may also recommend adding cameras at key points throughout the building. That will confirm that the employee was using their badge when the security breach occurred.

Unfortunately workplace violence is increasing and many offices that don’t work with the public have decided to lock their front doors. They often require employees to swip their badges to gain access. Once inside they have to swipe their badges to get to their work area. It makes it easier for the receptionist to focus on the strangers at the front door and determining if they should be allowed into the building.

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