Upgrades to Be Made to an Older House by an Electrician in Scranton PA

A couple buys a home built in the 1950s that has never been upgraded for electrical wiring and devices. Having an Electrician in Scranton PA inspect the equipment is important. The electrician will make a list of upgrades that are essential for safety reasons, along with other suggestions for bringing the electrical features into the 21st Century.

Main Electrical Panel

A primary project an Electrician in Scranton PA will want to complete involves installing a circuit breaker system for the main electrical panel and discontinuing use of a fuse box system. Additional circuitry can be added at this time to more evenly distribute the load so the breaker switches don’t trip. Extra unused areas can be included in case more electrical equipment is added in the future, which is likely as people add increasing numbers of electronic devices to their homes. Separate breakers can be installed as needed.


More outlets will likely be needed in the house so the residents won’t have to rely on extension cords and power strips. Replacement of some outlets may be advisable. For instance, if there are none that accept three-pronged plugs, that will be a problem. Electricians recommend that people do not use adapters converting a two-hole outlet for three-prong use because doing so can be a safety hazard.

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets also should replace standard outlets in places where the risk of dangerous electrical shock is greater. These should be placed where electricity is needed near water sources; the outlets are common in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Only one is needed per circuit, but a kitchen may need more than one circuit if electrical demand there is high. A microwave oven, for instance, uses a lot of power, even though it doesn’t run for very long.


After all those years, some switches may no longer function properly. Replacing the wiring at the switches or the devices is an easy project for a licensed electrician with a company such as Quality Electric. Old light fixtures also may have become corroded inside, making light bulbs difficult to remove. Visit the Site to learn more about this particular organization.

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