Upgrade To A GE Vivid E95

Enhancing imaging in all aspects of patient diagnosis and care is critical, particularly with cardiovascular ultrasound systems. GE has developed the Vivid line of cardiovascular ultrasounds, with the GE Vivid E95 offer 4D technology for increased clarity in viewing.

The benefits of the GE Vivid E95 include the ability to enhance the image and to prevent unnecessary non-diagnostic testing for patients. The system uses a cSound beamformer image reconstruction platform that is superior to other options on the market today, collecting and displaying more information than found on standard cardiovascular ultrasonic systems. This is a flexible analysis system based on the specifics of the patient, rather than conforming to a norm that may not be accurate for the specific individual.

Additionally, the system is designed to allow the technician, nurse or doctor to use the built-in Adaptive Contrast Enhancement function to bring even small details of the image into clear focus and resolution.

Options in Visualization

For the medical professional, the cSound software beamform offers an advancement in data collection and display. This system is able to maintain high sensitivity while also providing enhanced spatial resolution. This will allow very clear imaging to increase the ability to see the details of the heart during any type of assessment.

One of the features used with this system is the Adaptive Contrast Enhancement. This will automatically assess the incoming data and choose the best channel and data stream to provide the clearest and most complete image. This saves time as well as increases workflow for the staff.

Options and Features

With the GE Vivid E95, there is the option to adjust the gray scale and the resolution to suit the operator preferences for easy viewing of the 22-inch OLED monitor. Additionally, the system uses a touch screen that operates like a tablet, with the information needed all available with the tap of a button.

Additionally, mode and function buttons are easily accessible on the base of the monitor, providing everything needed for control right at the user’s fingertips. There is also a trackball control at the center bottom of the console, making it easy to navigate through the different systems.

The entire system is highly mobile and offers a floating keyboard that can adjust for each user. The system also offers image transfer, reporting features, image storage and a range of other features that make it practical to use in any healthcare setting.

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