Upcoming Bollywood Movies That You Must See

If you are a lover of Bollywood movies, you should be very excited about the movies that are coming out in the remaining part of 2013 and in the first weeks of 2014. There are some very highly anticipated films on their way and one of the best ways to learn more about them is to watch the upcoming movie trailers. By reading up on teasers for these films and by watching the upcoming movie trailers, you will be fully prepared to see them for yourself when they are released. Here are some of the most anticipated upcoming films for late 2013 and early 2014:


“R…Rajjumar” is an upcoming action film that is due to be released throughout India on December 6, 2013. This film, starring Shahid Kapoor as “Rakjumar” and Sonakshi Sinha as “Chanda”, is about a young man who works for a drug baron. It isn’t until he sees the beautiful “Chanda” that he decides this lifestyle may not be for him. However, before he can change his life, he and “Chanda” have some work to do. If you are looking for a great action movie with a bit of comedy and romance thrown in, this seems like it would be a great choice based on the trailer.

“Dhoom 3”

Another action film, “Dhoom 3”, is also highly anticipated by audiences. Set to be released on December 20th, 2013, this movie stars Abhishek Bachchan as “Jai Dixit” and Uday Chopra as “Ali Akba”. For those familiar with the Dhoom films, from what we know so far, “Dhoom 3” will not disappoint. To date, this film was the most expensive Indian film of all time, so audiences throughout the world are definitely looking forward to seeing it. There are several trailers that have been released for this film as well as a very popular game for Windows mobile phones that was released in October. If there can only be one film chosen as the most anticipated, this one is it.

“Ragini MMS 2”

Horror and thriller fans are awaiting the release of the film “Ragini MMS 2”, due out on January 17th, 2014. What makes this horror film so hotly anticipated is the fact that it was supposed to be released in October, 2013 but was pushed back a few months. On top of that, this movie is a sequel to the highly popular “Ragini MMS”. It is also rumored that the star of the film, Sunny Leone, was offered 1 crore in order to take on her role in the film.

“Jai Ho”

Finally, audiences are gearing up for the release of “Jai Ho”, set to come out on January 24th, 2014. This film, slated as a remake of the 2006 Tollywood film, “Stalin”, is being directed by Sohail Khan and will star Salman Khan, Tabu and Daisy Shah.

These are just a few of the many upcoming Bollywood films that most audiences are anticipating. To learn more about any of them, watch their released, upcoming movie trailers.

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