Unusual Tips for Deep House Cleaning in Columbus

The majority of Columbus, Ohio homeowners and renters associate deep house cleaning in Columbus with endless scrubbing, sore muscles and pure exhaustion by the end of the day. However, the deep house cleaning process does not have to be a difficult one. By following a few simple tips you can make deep house cleaning in Columbus an easier, cleaner process.

Stovetops and Ovens

Three areas of stoves that can be cleaned with a few simple tricks and a little less scrubbing include the stove filter vents, the inside of the oven, and the stovetop itself. The stove filter vents usually take an excessive amount of scrubbing. The scrubbing can be lessened by using a toothbrush and a grease-removing product. When oven cleaner just won’t cut it, or you want an all-natural clean for the inside of your oven, use a blend of dishwashing liquid, baking soda, and vinegar. Allow this mixture to sit for ten to twenty minutes and wipe clean. Finally, once you have cleaned the top of your stove, repel grease and food by using a coat of wax. This method can be used with non-glass electric stovetops and gas stovetops.

Dusty Areas

Two dusty areas that require occasional cleaning include the oily dirt above your stove vent and the tops of your fan. The problem with the dust collected above the stove vent is its oiliness. This makes it especially hard to clean because it seems as if you are just pushing the dirt around. Use a little vegetable oil or mineral oil to wipe this area clean. Then use a little dish soap and a sponge to clean up any excess oil. When cleaning fans, use a warm, wet towel to clean blades. Doing this, instead of dusting, will stop accumulated dust from falling onto tabletops, the furniture, carpets, and other areas.

The Bathroom

Three areas in the bathroom that require occasional deep house cleaning in Columbus include the toilet, the faucets, and the shower. When cleaning the toilet, pay special attention to the area under the rim that can accumulate mold and mildew. This can be removed using vinegar and duct tape. Scale can be removed from faucets using a little vinegar and paper towels. This can also be used in other areas of the home. Finally, to clean the mold that accumulates in caulking around the tub, soak the caulk with bleach. Then use a cotton swab to remove the bleach and the mold.

Vent Covers

Another cleaning process that can be simplified while deep house cleaning in Columbus is the vent covers in the home. These can accumulate dust and distribute it through your home. To easily clean the vent covers, take them outside and spray them with a garden hose. Once they are dry, apply car wax to prevent dust from sticking.

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