Understanding When You Should Install New Home Windows

Windows are one of the focal points of any house. They define how the house looks from the outside, how the rooms look, and they let in much needed natural light while sheltering the inside of your house from intense heat, snow, rain, sleet and other bad weather. Nothing in the universe lasts forever, and windows are no exception. If you feel like you should get new home windows to replace the ones you have, there are several things you should in order to make the very best choice for yourself and your home.

Should I Replace My Home’s Windows?

No matter how sturdy your windows may seem, there comes a time when they should be replaced. If you are wondering whether you should get new home windows, there are some things you should ask yourself so you can find out for sure whether new windows are necessary.

-Do your windows leak? – Old windows that need to be replaced have the tendency to leak. They might drip water when it rains outside, or they might let in too many drafts of air.

-Do you notice frost forming inside your windows when it’s cold? – Even though patterns of frost may look neat, it also blocks your view outside, and when it melts you end up with water dripping down onto the sills. This can not only damage the sills and increase the chances of mildew or mold growing, but all that frozen water on the window eventually weakens the panes and can even break them. Your best bet is to just replace these windows and let an expert make sure they are installed correctly and securely.

-Does the sash or casing have water damage or decay?

-Are your windows made with single pane or double pane glass? – Many older homes have single pane glass windows, which are of much less value and can cause a lot of issues to your home, especially as they age. This can include water leakage, insufficient sound blocking and a decreased ability to keep out ultraviolet rays which can damage curtains, carpets and other home furnishings.

-How do your windows look? – Windows should make your home look even more beautiful and attractive. Your home should be your castle, a place where everything is exactly the way you like it, and if you feel the style or condition of the current windows don’t go well with your home, then you should definitely look into having more attractive new windows installed.

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