Understanding the Process for a Domestic Violence Arrest

One of the most frightening and humbling experiences that a person may ever be part of is having all of their personal clothing and other items taken away and then being placed in traditional jailhouse clothing. However, if you are arrested for charges of domestic violence, this is likely right where you will end up. After you are arrested you will be photographed and fingerprinted, then placed in the appropriate holding location.


You will then have to sit inside of a jail cell until the judge and the prosecuting attorney bring you to the courtroom for advisement. In most cases you will not be able to go to court immediately, leaving you to simply sit and wait. For example, if you are arrested on a weekend, chance are that you will not be able to see a judge until sometime the following Monday.

Once the domestic violence advisement is completed, you will be eligible to seek a bond for domestic violence in Reno, NV. This type of bail bond will work like any other type that is offered. There are several options when it comes to the bond that you choose. There is a cash only option, which is exactly what the name implies; a surety bond where the bail bond agent is guaranteeing your appearance in court and the defendant is required to pay a certain fee, which is usually around 10 percent; or a type of personal recognizance bail bond, where you will not have to pay any type of money to be released, but instead make a promise to the actual court that you will adhere to all of the conditions of the bond.

If you fail to meet the specifications of the bond, then you will have to pay the entire amount of the bond. This is crucial when it comes time getting organized for the trial that you will face in the near future. If you are stuck in jail, you will not be able to work or hire a lawyer to help and build your defense, leaving you at higher risk to having a negative outcome to your case.

You should keep in mind that a protective order will also be placed for the person that filed the domestic violence charges. This means that you will not be allowed to talk to, see or have any type of contact with the person until after the trial, at least.

Domestic violence in Reno, NV is a serious charge and one that will require you to have time to build your case. Contact a bail bond service, such as Able Bail Bonds to ensure that you do not have to sit in jail for extended periods of time.

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