Understanding the end times prophecy

Many people have heard about an end times prophecy that is promised in the Bible. However not everyone is aware of when it will take place or what it actually means. If you are looking for answers, you may not b able to find them in a church. This is because churches have been perpetuating the myth of the end times prophecy for hundreds of years. The pastors in each church rely on a translation of the Bible that has been proven to be faulty.

Why do we use a faulty translation

Many people may be wondering why we rely on a faulty translation instead of finding out the truth. Although there are no easy answers to this, finding out the truth about the end times prophecy may have to come down to each and every person. Every person has a responsibility to answer some basic questions for themselves about exactly what they are willing to believe. Once they have decided to be a truth seeker, the answers will come much more readily.

Planetary incineration – Is the end near?

One of the popular and well known parts of the end times prophecy is the planet being burnt to a crisp. People wonder about this and fear that the end is near. Is a planetary incineration in our future or has the Bible been interpreted incorrectly. When we look at the facts, we can see that Jesus said there would be the end of an “age” not the end of an entire world. With this one faulty translation, people have been erroneously expecting doomsday for many years unnecessarily. It is this translation error that has led to a lot of mass confusion throughout the years.

End times prophecy

When messages that are spoken metaphorically are translated literally, this can cause everyone involved to get the wrong picture. You can find out the truth if you are willing to go further and dig a little deeper to learn more.

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