Understanding Some Pasta Types Featured in Italian Food near Southwest Ranches

Many people have yet to try some authentic gourmet Italian Food near Southwest Ranches. They don’t know much about pasta aside from their occasional dinners featuring spaghetti, ravioli or lasagna. When they look up the menu online, much of the terminology seems incomprehensible. They want to appear at least somewhat knowledgeable at the restaurant, especially if they’ll be going out with a date they want to impress.

Learning the basics about some of the less commonly used pasta in American-style cooking provides a good start. Linguine, pappardelle and gnocchi are just a few examples.

Linguine vs Fettuccine

Men and women might have been served fettuccine Alfredo or linguine with clam sauce at a restaurant before, but they still aren’t quite sure what the difference is. Linguine is thinner and not quite as flat, so it’s intended for lighter sauces. Alfredo sauce is often paired with fettuccine because the thicker noodles work very well with this rich, creamy sauce. At a restaurant serving Italian Food near Southwest Ranches, a customer might enjoy fettuccine Alfredo con pollo, meaning with chicken.

Pappardelle: Wide Noodles

This pasta is somewhat similar to fettuccine but it’s noticeably wider, while not being as wide as lasagna. Pappardelle and lasagna are both noodles, but they serve different purposes in Italian food. A menu at a dining establishment like Capriccio Italian Restaurant may simply refer to lasagna as the completed dish itself and the pasta as wide noodles. Pappardelle is identified by the type of noodle and, sometimes, by the name of the dish.

Gnocchi: The Potato-Based Pasta

Although gnocchi may be listed with pasta dishes on a restaurant menu, technically it’s a dumpling because it’s made of potato. However, today a broad range of pastas are available made with components other than wheat, so people are free to consider gnocchi to be pasta. Gnocchi is plump and has a soft, pillow-like texture. It’s usually served in a sauce without other ingredients, although customers might request a side of Italian sausage or meatballs. A menu featuring this food and many other kinds of pasta may be viewed at the website Capriccios.net.

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