Understanding Live Resin in Massachusetts

Whoever has seen a fresh, ready-to-be-harvested pot plant knows it has a smell that can’t be beaten. These experienced cannabis users will enjoy live resin in Massachusetts. Why? Since marijuana became legal, there has been a rise in the number of people who extract concentrates and dab. This new way to use drugs puts efficiency first because it skips the plant matter and carcinogens that come with smoking and goes straight for the good stuff.

What is Live Resin?

A well-made concentrate will have the right potency and a smooth flavor that is true to the strain, but it won’t compare to the beauty of live resin. To understand what live resin is and why it’s better than concentrates, you need to understand it better. The answer is within the curing process or the lack of it.

Curing doesn’t matter for live resin or any other live concentrate. It is made by flash-freezing a plant right after it has been picked and then extracting it. Most of the time, butane and a vacuum oven are used to extract live resin in Massachusetts. The result is a terpene profile that is ideally kept.

What to Look For

There are a few things to think about when shopping for live resin. One thing is how the live resin looks. It should be a warm color, such as gold or deep amber. A good batch of live resin should also have a good mix of crystals and liquid. THC is the crystals, and terpenes are the liquids.