Understanding JK Front Adjustable Track Bar Characteristics and Attributes

A JK Front Adjustable Track Bar is a great upgrade for your jeep. If it has an 8-inch lift, the bar will fit perfectly. Installing it uses the same pieces as the original factory parts. So, it’s not hard to install and needs no additional brackets.

DANA 30 and DANA 44 Compatible

The bar fits any DANA 30 and DANA 44 models. Even if yours has aftermarket differentials, this bar will fit. You can even combine it with an aftermarket track bar bracket. Even the gearbox sector shaft brace will be compatible with it. You can fit it on your jeep after working on it for about an hour, too.

Made With Cold Rolled Steel

Using cold-rolled steel to manufacture the bars has made them extremely durable. As a result of their unique construction, they’ll last a long time. Putting one on your jeep will re-center its front axle. Plus, it’ll reduce any impacts from bumps in the road.

Great for High-Impact Driving

Its durable construction withstands high-force impacts, regardless of where you are. So, you won’t have to worry about bending it while heading down a rough trail. It’s designed to handle anything coming down the road without affecting its articulation.

Only 15 Pounds

Weighing down your jeep with heavy parts wouldn’t do much for its performance. A top-rated JK Front Adjustable Track Bar won’t weigh yours down, though. That’s because it only weighs 15 pounds, despite being made with high-strength steel.

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