Understanding Commercial Ice

Have you ever wondered how ice sculptures are made, or where all of the ice for the sculpture comes from? Ice, in many ways can be art, but the key is to ensure that all safety factors, rules and regulations are followed. Sure, there are many commercial ice making companies and manufacturers in the Greater New York area, but have you ever wondered how that ice was made? Here are few items that may help answer the question.

The Ice Maker
Commercial ice makers can be complex. Yet for the most part, they are quite similar to the ice makers that are connected to your home refrigerator. The only difference is that they are bigger and therefore made for commercial use and distribution. There are six major components that help generate commercial ice. They are: evaporator, accumulator, compressor, hot gas bypass valve, condenser and the water pump. All these components come together and work as a team for better commercial grade ice.

Packaged Ice

There are many reasons why a person would want to purchase commercial ice in New York, vendors know that there are many people who actually prefer packaged ice. Packaged ice is basically a solid ice block most often used for making ice sculptures and other art-based ice projects. It cannot melt and requires a specific tool to sculpt and break it. Packaged ice is also very resilient under bright lights. Another form of packaged ice is used to pack commercial foods. Packaged ice can also be sold in blocks or dry ice.

How are Ice Sculptures Made?

Ice sculptors rely on blocks of ice that are derived from pure and clean water sources. In order to produce different colors on the ice, sculptors add dyes to the ice prior to carving. Ice sculptors tend to carve the ice into an intended shape by using chisels and hand saws. Normally, large ice sculptures are transported using heavy machinery and trucks.

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