Understanding Bail Bonds In Sedgwick County

A bail bond is a pre-determined amount of money set by a judge or prosecuting attorney owed to the court to release someone from jail. The amount can be influenced by the defense attorney but is usually based on the crime committed, the background of the person arrested, and the threat the judge feels the person is to the community. Bail Bonds in Sedgwick County is mostly for those who are in jail, not prison. To be released from jail or custody, the person jailed will need to pay a certain percentage, like 10 percent, of the set bail or pay the entire bail amount. This is where a Bail Bonds in Sedgwick County like Affordable Bail Bonds, comes into the picture. Most people can’t afford to pay a percentage of the bail – let alone the entire amount. Therefore, a bail bondsman is contacted to help pay the bond for their release. Think of a bondsman like a loan officer who loans the bail amount to the person.

The first kind of bond is a cash bond, which means the bond amount is paid in some form of cash to the court either by the bail bondsman or the person. The person will be required to pay the bail bondsman back the amount of cash put up by the bondsman for their release. The second kind of bond available is the property bond. It’s sort of like collateral where a vehicle or some valuable item is used to pay the bond amount. The person jailed, or someone on their behalf, will contact the bail bondsman and sign a contract stating they will pay the money back that the bondsman loaned them or the amount the bondsman paid the court on their behalf.

The bail bonds is seen as security or down payment stating the person jailed has agreed to show up for court if they are released from jail. Once the person shows up for their court date, the bail amount is either returned to them or the bondsman. If the person fails to show up for their court date, the money is not returned and the bondsman will put out what’s known as a bounty against the defendant. In other words, the bonds company will use bounty hunters to find the person. Click here for more details.

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