Typical Duties & Communications of In Home Care in Easton MD

By hiring personal in home care in Easton MD for a loved one you can expect that the care provider will follow a schedule that you provide. In many cases a family member arrives before the care worker leaves to relieve them and stay with the loved one, but in some situations that isn’t feasible. Those elderly loved ones who still maintain their own residences may be a case in which a family member doesn’t make face to face contact with the care provider during their visits. In this instance families have found that keeping a log book is very helpful to communicate both the loved ones activities during the day as well as any directions, feedback, or items that the family would like covered by the in home care person in Easton MD.

A simple log can be rather detailed from the in home care in Easton MD, including time of arrival and a detail of what occurred during the day. As one of the big things that in home care in Easton MD provides is meal preparation, what the individual was served and how much they ate, or a comment about the size of their appetite lets the family know important information about what the loved one ate that day. This can help the family know if the loved one may be more or less hungry and at what times later in the evening. Eating habits that are recorded over time in the patient log also give a physician an extended view of appetite and nutrition information, if a trend is evident or not which can signify some other sort of health problem.

Usually the second main item that an in home care in Easton MD performs is that of hygiene. Assisting in self-care tasks such as bathing or showering is a large benefit to the family. Often the individual loved one can be rather self-conscience about a family member seeing them undressed. This is not the case when it’s a paid professional health care worker who is there to assist them. At this time the in home care person can note any changes in the loved ones skin or on their body. Also if they seem to be losing weight by both visual inspections as well as how the loved ones clothes are fitting. Many times for fear of falling seniors who are somewhat frail or not as sure footed as they once were will forego the bath or shower. Having in home care in Easton MD lets these seniors once again enjoy the sensation of a hot bath or warm shower that they have been missing.

By keeping a daily log of all the activities that occurred with the patient during the in home care hours in Easton MD, the family stays informed as to how their loved one is managing health wise each day.

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