Types of Industrial Abrasives Made by a Supplier in Ramsey, Minnesota

An abrasives supplier and manufacturer in Ramsey, MN makes many different types of industrial abrasives. Depending on what you need, you may find it with this abrasives supplier. Here are some of the more common industrial abrasive products created and sold by this company.

Polishing Wheels

Used to polish everything from metal to stone, these abrasive wheels are used in many types of manufacturing. The grit level and material type (e.g., wire versus diamond grit) let you know what they are used to polish. There are many different sizes for each of these polishing wheels too.

Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels are designed to remove material from something in production. They differ from polishing wheels in that grinding wheels intentionally rub away extra material under intense force and speed. Grinding wheels are used in everything from motor vehicle manufacturing and assembly to furniture production.

Hand Pads

In certain industries, hand pads are necessary where grinding wheels and wire wheels could remove too much excess material too quickly. Hand pads are also ideal for sanding lightly between coats of paint, stain, or polyurethane. When you have to get into very tight corners and crevices, only hand pad abrasives will do the job.

Timesaver Belts

Timesaver sanding machines rely on giant belt loop abrasives that fit over rollers. Objects that are nearly flat are sent through sets of rollers with the abrasives to sand the objects smoothly and prepare the objects for painting or other finishing options. These huge belts also come in a variety of sanding surfaces.

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