Types of Dog Training in Gulfport

All dogs are wonderful, but everyone has a little extra love and respect for those dogs who work hard to help their human companions. No, not those dogs who alert their owners whenever a squirrel enters a yard, but those that work beside police officers, are used for search and rescue operations and those that are used for narcotic detection.

These animals are impressive, but possibly the most loved of them all are the service dogs, those that act as companions and assistants to people who are unable to fully care for themselves alone. These dogs are loyal, kind and amazingly well-trained, often burdened with protecting the life of their human every day. It takes a great dog to do this, and it takes an amazing amount of training as well.

Dog Training in Gulfport begins with basic obedience classes and socialization. Puppies will need to become comfortable around a variety of people. They need to prove they are not too headstrong to listen to commands and are able to stay focused. Once they finish this type of training, at about one year of age, and are approved to go further, then they are able to get the specialized training they will need to help the person they will be assisting.

There are numerous service dogs including guide dogs for the blind, dogs for autistic children and those that assist veterans who suffer from PTSD, among many others. Once it is known what type of situation the experts feel the dog would do best in, the specialized training begins. Their custom training will often take another six to nine months depending on the skills they are learning. In some instances, dogs may be required to take an update course occasionally, particularly for skills they are not using often.

If you have a dog that needs training, or you are interested in learning more about the types of training available in the area, Contact Animal Medical Center Of Hattiesburg. They offer classes for Dog Training in Gulfport for pets, police dogs and service animals.

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