Types of Containers for Dumpster Rental in Portsmouth VA

You probably imagine a dumpster as the flip top containers seen in city alleyways and on TV. While that is the popular type of dumpster, there are actually several more styles. Which type to choose depends on why you need it. Are you do a big clean-up that will take a day? Are you gathering lots of garbage and then disposing of it each week? Before you pay for Dumpster Rental in Portsmouth VA, figure out which one you need.

Front Load Dumpsters

Front loaders are your typical dumpsters in alleys. They have lids on the top that either raise up or slide left or right. Some have doors on the sides so you can easily toss small items inside without lifting the lid. They come in many sizes and the Dumpster Rental in Portsmouth VA company you rent them from will empty it for you on a regular basis. They are used for small businesses that don’t have a lot of waste or for large cleaning jobs at home.

Compaction Containers

Compaction containers come in many sizes larger than front loaders. They have built in compaction mechanics. That means whenever you throw something away, the container will flatten and make it smaller so that there is more room inside. These dumpsters are great for large businesses and apartment buildings. Some even have chutes that can connect to the different floors of the building. People can toss waste into the chute and goes right to the dumpster.

Construction Containers

If you own a construction business find a Dumpster Rental that has construction containers. These massive sized containers show up on the construction site on the back of a truck. It rolls off the truck and is ready for you to fill up. Once you construction job is finished, the rental company will pick it up and dispose of the waste.

Recycling Bins

Do you care about the environment and want to recycle? Recycling bins are small containers that you can place around your building to persuade residents, customers, or employees to recycle. Recyclable goods are separated from the waste and the rental company will pick them up along with the other dumpsters and send the goods off to recycle.

Whether you own a small business or a huge construction company, you can contact Dumpster Rental company like Johnny Bobby’s Junk Hauling & Roll-Off Dumpsters in Portsmouth VA.

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