Types of Breast Augmentation in Dallas.

Breast augmentation is most well-known as a procedure undertaken by women who simply want bigger breasts. This is the most common reason for having it done, but it isn’t the only one. Here are some of the things that motivate women to get breast augmentation in Dallas:

To Improve Otherwise-Normal Breasts

As mentioned, most women who get their breasts enhanced simply believe that bigger ones will look more attractive. The procedure for creating this effect is well-practiced, so the chance of complications is low. For most procedures, saline implants are put into the existing breasts to make them the desired size.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that when implants are too large for the current body, the skin can stretch around their edges in a way that make the breasts look obviously artificial. Therefore, some doctors advise against seeking extreme sizes right away. Instead, having the breasts enlarged by a size or two is best for allowing a natural appearance to remain.

To Even Out the Breasts

Some women’s breasts do not develop evenly. Instead, one can remain very stunted while the other one attains its proper size. Alternatively, one can be stunted while the other turns out much larger than it should be. In either case, one or both breasts can also be misshapen.

When a breast is stunted, breast augmentation in Dallas is done simply to make it even with the normal one. If the other breast is too big or is misshapen, that one may be reduced or reshaped at the same time the other one is enlarged. In either case, the objective is to normalize the chest rather than to make it bigger than what normal development would have created. Further augmentation may be possible once the original work heals, but most women in this situation are happy just to look normal.

Other types of surgery, such as breast reconstruction, is done differently than the normal augmentation. Some plastic surgery clinics, such as Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas, can handle these cases as well as typical augmentations. Elsewhere, it’s a good idea to check to be sure they have experience with reconstruction if such a procedure is required.