Types of Beer Delivered Near St. Paul, MN

If you really want to have a good time partying with your friends or just want to cozy up on a Friday night socializing with a few close friends with beer, then you must perfect it by ordering the right beer.

That is why it is essential to know the types of beer delivered near St. Paul, MN. You will be surprised to know that the city has a variety of beers to choose from; hence, you should know your options before you plan for the weekend.


If you are looking for something light or you are a newbie to drinking alcohol, you can start with lagers. Lagers are your starting points and are made with yeasts, but it ferments at the bottom of the beverage. Hence they are light and have a malty taste to them.

Beers That Ferment at the Top

There are beers with yeast fermenting on the top of the beer; they are usually called ales. Such beers have a high tolerance to alcohol and have to be fermented at warmer temperatures than lagers. Some Beers that ferment on top are IPAs, Stouts, and wheat beers, all of which have a sour taste.

Beers That Ferment at the Bottom

Lagers use yeast for fermentation, and it is a much more fragile process than producing ales. Once fermented slowly, the yeast settles at the bottom of the liquid; however, it has to be done so at a cooler temperature. Some of the best types of lagers are bocks, oktoberfests, and pilsners.


If you are looking for types of beer delivered near St. Paul, MN, then you can start by checking out some of the local stores. Ensure that you ask the sales guy the type of beer you want to enjoy that night to get the right beer brand.