Types Of Automotive Shop Software Available For Company Owners

If you own an automotive shop where you sell products or fix cars/trucks, you may do well to purchase and use software designed for repair shops. You’ll get organized, provide better customer service, and find out more about your inventory and other features. There are many types available, making it tough to determine which one you need. However, understanding a little more about them can help.


Automotive shop software doesn’t just have to help you and your employees/customers. It can also be used for marketing, as well. You can start offering a loyalty program, passes, use email for campaigning, and even set up an online store.


You couldn’t run your business without your trusted employees. Why not make it easier on them by using an interactive ticket screen, helping them see what their next task is. Likewise, you can choose automotive shop software that can greet customers, check off what’s been done as it happens, check VIN numbers, and showcase illustrations/diagrams. You’ll also find POS systems and more.


While the location and employees are both important, customers make everything possible. Without them, you couldn’t pay employees or lease/rent the building. Therefore, make it easier for them to schedule appointments, and let them select services from a tablet. Likewise, you can find apps for your customers to use. They can get helpful information, but can also determine when to schedule an appointment.


Management of everything is much easier with automotive shop software. You can determine what’s in stock, what needs to be reordered, and so much more. Likewise, you can do it all from your smartphone. You can also manage labor costs and more.

Back Office

You can manage everything with custom forms, accounting integration, and more. Everything will be organized and ready to view or report upon with the various options out there.