Types of ATV Parts Houston TX

Most ATV parts share common characteristics of cars and other types of motorcycles. However, ATV Parts Houston TX are very specific. ATVs are designed for extreme conditions and are suitable for off-road conditions. All-terrain vehicles are well tuned performance machines and comprise heavy-duty designs. This is the result of years of development.

Major ATV components

To get a clear picture of the components of an ATV, you must understand how the main structure of an ATV functions. The ATV’s main structure is the frame, a core that binds all other components. Most frames are made from tubular steel, however, some high performance ATV models manufactured by BOR Motorsports have aluminum frames. The engine is normally inside the frame. Like a motorcycle, the engine is mounted at the center of the chassis. Most ATV engines are single cylinder with the exception of some that have twin cylinders.

Another significant part of the engine is the transmission. This is where there are great variations in ATVs. Utility or work ATVs come with automatic transmissions controlled by a belt. Like a snowmobile, this type of transmission only requires the rider to push the throttle, while the trans does the rest. Some ATV models feature automatic transmission with gears controlled by electronics. Sport ATVs feature motorcycle style transmission with a manual clutch controlled by the rider.

Extended Components

Beyond the engine and transmissions, ATV designs are similar to those of other four-wheeled vehicles. The most obvious similarities are the wheel, axle and suspension designs. Utility ATV models come with heavy-duty suspension. In addition, many modern ATV models have double hung A-arms with hubs and spindles. This is where the wheels bolt on. The rear of a sport model ATV has a single shock mounted to a solid rear axle and swing arm. Some of the features of sport ATVs are adjustable suspensions, Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), constant velocity joints as well as shaft drives and differentials. There are differences in ATV operations. The most common differences in ATV Parts Houston TX lie in what helps the ATV put the power to the ground. Most modern ATV models are four-wheel vehicles.

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